Your Cleveland, OH Lumineers Dentist

Cleveland, Ohio Lumineers are available through experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Heimke who have over 19 years experience creating beautiful natural looking smiles. He has been featured in numerous media sources such as New Beauty Magazine, the SmartBusiness, the Practical Aesthetics and many more.

He holds active membership in many leading dental associations including the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is dedicated to providing you the highest level of service and care. Change your smile today with Lumineers in Cleveland, Ohio from Dr. Heimke.

Dr. Heimke are licensed as general dentist in the State of Ohio.


A free LUMISmile Digital Smile Makeover from Dr. Heimke gives you a great picture of what LUMINEERS could do for you and your smile...while you are still at his office.
1. Dr. Heimke takes a digital photo of your current smile
2. A LUMISmile digital smile artist creates a simulation of your perfect smile with Lumineers
3. See your Digital Smile Makeover while still at Dr. Heimke's office
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